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We have been providing all inclusive fishing charters for the Brainerd Lakes Area for over twenty-five years. Brainerd Fishing Guide League fish most lakes within thirty miles of Nisswa, Minnesota. Brainerd fishing guides run excellent equipment, are fully insured, and have decades of experience. We can pick you up at your hotel, resort dock, or cabin.

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Brainerd fishing charters can be scheduled for four, six, and eight hours. A Minnesota fishing license is required for all clients that intend to fish. A Minnesota license is not required for any children under 16 years or non-fishing spectators. Brainerd professional fishing guides run large comfortable boats. Most charter boats will fish three to four clients comfortably. Several Brainerd guides run even larger boats so charter trips with four to five anglers are possible with the right Brainerd fishing guide. The fishing guides will provide all needed equipment. This includes; boat, fishing poles, tackle, bait, transportation, gas, and fish cleaning. Please wear layers of seasonal appropriate clothing and remember to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat. Brainerd fishing guide boats have multiple dry storage comparts. There will be plenty of room for storing an extra jacket and raingear. Snacks and beverages are optional. The fishing guide will have a cooler with bottle waters in the boat. Adult beverages may be consumed within reason. Remember to bring an extra cooler when planning to keep fish. Brainerd Fishing Guide League will clean and package them for free.


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Common Brainerd Fishing Guide Questions

How long are Brainerd fishing charters?
We offer 4, 6, and 8 hours fishing charters in the Brainerd Lakes area. These times are based on water time. Travel time to the lake is not included if you are picked up at a hotel or travel to a different lake.

How many people can fish in one boat?
Most fishing boats will comfortably fish three clients plus the guide. Some boats can handle four to five people with advanced notice. We can also organize multiple boats for corporate groups with up to thirty people.

Where do you pick up and drop off clients?
Our home base is Breezy Point Resort's boat marina but we can arrange pickup anywhere in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We can meet you at your dock, resort, or hotel.

What happening if it rains?
The fishing guide will make the call. We don't like fishing in downpours any more than you. Fishing is about having fun, not survival. We want to see return customers. Please have a cellphone available the morning of the trip so fishing guide may contact you.

Do I need a Minnesota fishing license with a fishing guide?
Yes. A Minnesota fishing license can be purchased online with MN DNR web site, by calling1-888-MNLICEN(665-4236), or stopping at any local Brainerd bait shop. One day resident fishing licenses cost $10.00. One day non-resident licenses cost $12.00.

Are there any lakeside restaurants to stop at?
Yes. Gull Lake, North Long, and the Whitefish Chain have several nice lakeside restaurants. These provide great places to stop for a break or have a bite to eat when fishing six and eight hour trips.

What fishing gear do I need to bring?
Brainerd fishing guides will provide everything necessary for a great day of fishing. This includes all rods, reels, tackle, bait, life jackets, etc. You are welcome to bring a favorite fishing rod if you wish; however, it is not necessary.

What should I bring with me?
Please wear layers of seasonal clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Minnesota fishing licenses are required for all those intending to fish. You are welcome to bring any beverages and snacks of your liking. Adult beverages are allowed within reason. Please bring an extra cooler if planning to keep fish.

Do I need a deposit and how do I make payment?
No deposit is required. Payment can be made to your Brainerd fishing guide at the end of the fishing trip. They accept check, cash, or major credit card. All fishing guides carry a Square credit card reader for your convenience.

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Brainerd MN Fishing Guide Tips

The Brainerd Lakes is a fantastic multi-species fishery. Brainerd Guide League members are excellent walleye fishermen with decades of bass, northern pike, and crappie experience. Brainerd fishing guides are not married to any one lake. We fish most lakes within the Brainerd Lakes Area. Some of these lakes include; Whitefish, Gull Lake, North Long, Pelican, Hubert, Edwards, Mille Lacs, and over fifty more. Brainerd Guide League fishes multiple lakes for a reason. We want clients to stay on active fish. Brainerd fishing guides are constantly searching for that next hot bite in the Brainerd Lakes Area. They know catching fish consistently is an essential part of being a successful fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota. Learn Gull Lake fishing tips below.

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Brainerd Fishing Guide History

The League was founded when several top fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota decided to pool their talents. Brainerd fishing guide members include pro staff guides, tournament pros, and inductees to the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame. Several guide members represent major boat companies as promotional fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. The BFG league provides top end pro-staff boats, fishing equipment, tackle, live bait, fishing rods, fish cleaning, and decades of fishing knowledge. Brainerd fishing guides can pick you up at your hotel, resort dock, or cabin. There are many excellent fishing lakes in Brainerd, Minnesota. The following fishing guides have spent decades unlocking their fishing secrets.

Brainerd Guide League member Perry


Minnesota Fishing Hall Inductee

Perry is a fabulous walleye fisherman. He is one of the all-time money winners on the Professional Walleye Tour and has spent numerous years working as a Brainerd fishing guide. Perry was elected to the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016, a special honor which only a small handful of Brainerd fishing guides will ever achieve. Perry guides on many lakes throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area. Several of his favorites include Farm Island, Gull Lake, and Mille Lacs. He is well versed in the techniques needed to consistently put fish in the boat. Perry has several major sponsors to help him promote his tournament and Brainerd fishing guide endeavors. These sponsors include; Lund, Mercury, Motor Guide, Lowrance, and Rapid Marine.

Brainerd Guide League member Royal


Legendary Nisswa Fishing Guide

Royal is a multi-species fishing guide who specializes in bass. He is one of the oldest, still active, fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. Royal was one of the original members of the Nisswa Guide League. He fished side by side other legendary Brainerd fishing guides like; Al Linder, Gary Roach, and Marv Koep. Royal was inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016. He is now part of the very small group of Minnesota fishing guides which have achieved legendary status. Royal is an excellent guide for those looking for action. Royal will fish walleye in the spring and fall but prefers to fish for largemouth bass for the rest of the season. Royal fishes multiply lakes throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area. His favorite lakes include; Gull, Hubert, North Long, and a host of smaller ones tucked away in the woods.

Brainerd Guide League member Perry


Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

John is an excellent multi-species fishing guide with a knack for catching walleyes throughout the summer. He has been a fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota for over twenty-five years. This Brainerd guide fishes over 40+ lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. His favorite lakes are the Whitefish Chain, Gull Lake, North Long, and Pelican. Few Brainerd fishing guides can match the hours he puts in on the water. John has an easy going nature, is patient, and consistently puts fish in the boat. He has several major sponsors for his fishing guide endeavors. These sponsors include; Ranger, Mercury, Motor Guide, Lowrance, and Power Lodge.

Brainerd Guide League member Perry


Classic Brainerd Fishing Guide

Todd is an excellent multi-species fishing guide. He began his fishing career at Koep's Bait in Nisswa, Minnesota. He has now worked for over twenty years as a fishing guide in Brainerd, MN. Todd is a good choice for all types of groups. Known for his good wit and humor, Todd is an excellent choice for those looking for a Brainerd fishing guide. Whether it is winter or summer; Todd is out fishing someplace in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Todd fishes multiple lakes throughout the season. His favorites include Whitefish Chain, North Long, Gull Lake, and Lake Hubert. Todd is the classic fishing guide. He has several sponsors. These include; Skeeter Boats, Yamaha, and Lowrance.

Brainerd Guide League member Perry


Multi-Species Fishing Guide

Jon is multi-species expert who specializes in catching walleyes. He grew up fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area and has been a fishing guide for over twenty-five years. Jon is an active outdoorsman who loves to hunt as much as he loves to fish. This Brainerd guide fishes from ice-out to freeze up. He also helps coach local youth sports. Nothing slows this guy down. He is known for his good humored nature and colorful stories. Jon is great with all types of groups. He is the classic Up-North fishing guide. His favorite walleye lakes are Whitefish Chain and Gull Lake.

Brainerd Guide League member Royal


Youngest Brainerd fishing Guide

Jake is the youngest Brainerd fishing guide's league member. He is an avid outdoorsman who guides for fishing and waterfowl. Jake graduated from college in 2015 and now works in the agriculture business. He became addicted to fishing early in life and still spends much of his spare time on the water. Jake is an excellent crappie and walleye fishing guide. Few Brainerd fishing guides posse his energy and drive. It's not uncommon for Jake to drive to the Dakotas for an early morning duck hunt and then drive through the night so he can fish walleyes on Lake of the Woods the next day.

Brainerd Lakes Area

The Brainerd, Minnesota is a fisherman's dream. There are hundreds of excellent fishing lakes within the region. We fish most of them. Brainerd Guide League members know mobility is the key to staying on fish. Our fishing guides are on the water 100+ days each season. Known for their great personalities, keen fishing skills, and patient attitudes; Brainerd fishing guides will help unlock the best kept fishing secrets of the Brainerd Lakes. We are known for our ability to catch walleye even in the month of August.

Brainerd Walleye Fishing

The walleye fishing is typically good in the Brainerd Lakes from mid-May until mid-June. Brainerd guides will target North Long, Gull, Round, Pelican, and Edwards at this time. The summer walleye bite usually starts around first of second week of July and then continues through August. The Whitefish Chain will usually provide the most action in August. The fall walleye bite, depending on the year, starts somewhere in the second week in September. Brainerd fishing guides will spend most of their time on Gull Lake, North Long, Hubert, and Pelican Lake in the fall. We practice selective harvest on Brainerd fishing charters. Trophy female walleyes are typically released, unless mounted, and the smaller male fish are kept for the table. Please bring a cooler when planning to keep fish.

Brainerd Bass Fishing

Fishermen can expect good bass fishing in Brainerd, Minnesota from the months of early June through the month of August. The best bass action occurs when the water temperatures surpass eighty degrees. Fishing charters releasing 75 to 100 bass on a four hour tours is not uncommon during these periods. Some of the best bass lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area include; North Long, Hubert, Gull Lake, and the Whitefish Chain. Brainerd fishing guides will also fish a host of smaller lakes throughout the season. Most of these "no-name" lakes are kept secret only to themselves.

Brainerd Pike Fishing

The fishing is excellent from ice out, usually about mid-April, until the second week of June. Brainerd fishing guides will fish Gull Lake, Whitefish Chain, Hubert, Pelican, and multitude of smaller lakes in this period. The crappie fishing in the summer is limited to the first 90 minutes of sunlight and 45 minutes at dusk. Most fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota will target other species of fish in the summer. The crappie fishing will pick up again in mid-September and last through October.

Brainerd Crappie Fishing

The best northern pike fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area occurs in July and August. The Whitefish Chain, Gull Lake, Edwards are the best lakes at this time. Brainerd, MN fishing guides will catch most of their largest fish during these summer months. Key locations are deep water points which drop quickly to main lake basin areas. Large northern pike will feed on deep water forage such as ciscoes in these locations,

Gull Lake Fishing Information

The Gull Lake Chain it the ultimate Brainerd fishing charter destination. Gull Lake has fabulous fishing and several lakeshore restaurants, making it a popular destination for fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. The Gull Lake Chain is part of a large flowage which connects roughly thirty lakes to the Mississippi River. The lake's name is somewhat misleading because it is actually a reservoir created by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1912. The Gull Lake Chain was one of the last sections of the Mississippi Headwater Project completed to manage water levels on upper reaches of the Mississippi River. Learn Brainerd Minnesota fishing tips from Brainerd Guide League members below.

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